Trading bottles for treats

Day 319.

Lovely bloggers I’ve been reading around the sober blogosphere often mention the idea of treats as your sobriety takes hold and becomes the norm; putting it in terms of using drinking money to pay for these treats.

I’m going to look at my treats in terms of bottles. By not drinking the amount I was drinking, and at the general cost of mid-range, whatever-was-on-sale bottles, here’s my recent treating:

  • 33 Bottles: My facial laser treatment to erase broken capillaries and such (mostly from wine).
  • 3 Bottles: A session with a personal gym trainer (worth every penny!)
  • 4 Bottles: Monthly cost of my gym
  • 5 Bottles: Dress for my company Christmas party
  • 6 Bottles: A manicure and pedicure

What a much better way to use my money! For self-improvement and prettifying.

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