Removing the evidence …

Day 318.

Hey, here’s another reality of boozing. It shows up on your face. I have broken blood capillaries, heightened rosacrea, and some fixed redness on my face. None of epic proportions, but a not nice reminder of the source: booze.

So here’s my treat to myself – I have signed up for a series of three laser treatments that will remove most of the evidence of red wine from my skin.  Just finished treatment #2, and things are looking good.

Just ANOTHER reason not to drink!  Vanity?? I’ll take it. Plus, this is part of my commitment to not drinking again. Don’t want to waste that type of money if I’m not serious.

I hated looking at the blotchy skin, and veins around the nose area, and it was a very real reminder that I had been drinking enough wine to cause this! Apparently of all the alcohol, red wine is the most poisonous for your body. No way around it!

[Source: Cosmopolitan- Alcohol effect on skin]

8 thoughts on “Removing the evidence …

    1. so far, I am seeing great results! one more session to go. it has cost about 37 bottles of wine…. 😂 and i am very happy it has instead been spent on repairing my skin from alcohol damage. 👋


  1. Good for you! What an excellent and well deserved treat! I must point out a typo in your blog today…I do believe that should be “Day 318”!!! 😂👏🏼❤️

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