Reasons for quittin’

Day 316.

If you are a fan at all of country music, you’ll know there are loads of songs about alcohol  …. from every angle – good and bad. Celebrating it – drowning sorrows, or the pain of addiction.
This is a favorite song of mine, but the lyrics never really sunk in before: Willie and the Hag – both in their sixties when they wrote it, are talking about very good reasons to quit – but they don’t …
And I quietly feel grateful that I did go with the reasons to quit, rather than the reasons to go on …
Reasons to Quit
The smoke and booze don’t do me like before
And I’m hardly ever sober
And my old friends don’t come around much anymore
Reasons to quit
The low is always lower than the high
But the reasons to quit
Don’t out number all the reasons why
Reasons to quit
I can’t afford the habit all the time
I need to be sober
I need to write some new songs that will rhyme
So we keep smokin’ and we keep drinkin’
Havin’ fun and never thinkin’
Laughin’ at the price tag that we pay
And we keep roarin’ down the fast lane
Like two young men feelin’ no pain
And the reason for quittin’s
Gettin’ bigger each day
— Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard


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