[guest blog] Boozy wind chimes?!?!?

Today’s post is a little bit different. It’s written by someone else.

Here’s the back story.

So I’ve become great comrade-in-arms with someone who reads my blog, but would prefer to stay anonymous. We email back and forth, giving each other encouragement, or a shoulder to cry on – or a place to rejoice in not drinking that drink.

I tell her all. the. time. to start a blog – and with today’s email, I said I’m going to put you in the blogosphere now! (with permission of course!).

Here it is – give her lots of encouragement in the comments – she’s a great writer! And 150 days sober!

Day 150.

Several of my long time girlfriends and I decided we’d have a slumber party recently. We picked the date and the plan was a nice dinner here at my house, play cards or watch movies. They would certainly drink (I’m fine with that that); but a party popped up for a guy we all know so the plan changed slightly – we all went to the party then came here for the night.

I made sure none of them had to drive at all. The party was really nice and fun. I was not annoyed or irritable but I sure was AWARE (and KEENLY) just how much people really overdo it. Not just my amigos but many others. Everyone LOUD, laughing too hard, spraying/slurring words…UGH. I knew THAT WAS ME soooooooo many times in the past. It was almost gross – that’s how I felt about it.

After about 3.5 hours I had really had my fill, and we never touched any of the appetizers so I was starving too (and knew they needed food). I had to “herd the cats” and get ’em outta there. Of course they wanted to stay and drink more. It was fine, they didn’t get mad or anything. Again, I could so relate…if I had been drinking I would’ve been totally sucking them down, slurring, loud, and not wanting to go. We picked up pizza and headed home. A couple of them continued to drink — topping up their drinks of choice. 

The whole night I kept thinking how yucky they were going to feel in the morning. And the next morning — I was right, especially one of the girls who had soldiered on drinking after we had all stopped. We still had a lot of fun, lounged with coffee and pastries (well, Soldier Girl needed toast) and we went to a craft fair and out for a late lunch.

I’ve known these women for many, many years and love them dearly. They have no issue with my sobriety and tell me they think it’s great. The biggest drinker of them all even quit for fifty days over the summer! There were a few people at the party who just couldn’t believe I wasn’t drinking, because I had always been the life of the party. One guy was like, “what happened? Really, what happened? You can tell me.” That was sort of annoying. And jokingly asked me “are you going to meetings”? I just said, “I’m simply better without it.”

Wind chimes 

Then at the craft fair, which was nice, there was a booth of wind chimes – which made me think of you! Remember that was the post that prompted me to email you. I still recall reading that post and my own wind chimes were chiming, etc.

But….then on one side of that booth were all these wind chimes made from booze bottles and it made me so sad. So many people struggle with alcohol addiction, abuse, overuse, whatever the buzz word (no pun intended) and these wind chimes just seemed another way to glorify the ugliness of alcohol.

Maybe I’m just sensitive? One of my friends was contemplating buying one for a relative, and I thought WHY??? but I didn’t say a word. She didn’t buy one – I’m glad for that! There were others that were nice — made from antique fancy glass goblets hung upside down, but those booze bottles just made me depressed.

Following the blogosphere lately I’ve seen ups and downs, I know that’s how it goes. I’ve surely had my own wobbly longing times, but not lately – yay!!! Upcoming trips make me anxious — maybe not anxious – like a trip at Christmas and I think, that’s gonna be hard … why am I already obsessing? And then another trip in the spring too … already distracted by “will I drink??????” Such a waste of energy.

And I really am so glad without it right now. So glad to be hangover and craving free. No desire at all to poison myself; but yet I think about it in regards to these future vacations … what the heck??


3 thoughts on “[guest blog] Boozy wind chimes?!?!?

  1. Hi to A Bumpy Year’s friend! 150 days, that’s awesome. Herding the Cats… been there and done that. You are doing your friends at great service by looking after them like that. Keep on keeping on. Think of me this weekend, I get to herd 240 cats on and off buses from a brewery function no less! Going to be a long weekend! LOL

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  2. Wow, 150 days, so proud of you and hoping I get to the point that you are at. You are very inspiring, that you find drinking gross at this point and not craving it. Please keep writing, I need to see the light at the end of t he tunnel to keep going.


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