Imperfection as perfection

Day 305.

Wabi-sabi offers a refuge from the modern world’s obsession with perfection, and accepts imperfections as all the more meaningful – and, in their own way, beautiful. It encapsulates a more relaxed acceptance of transience, nature and melancholy”
[source: BBC]

A very interesting article about a uniquely Japanese view of the world, called Wabi-sabi.

I particularly liked this parable: “Visiting Kyoto as a teenager, a woman said she had hurried through the grounds of Ginkakuji, a wooden Zen temple with quiet gardens, eager to see the more famous Kinkakuji, an ornate temple covered in gold leaf and perched above a reflective pond. Bright, stunning and glamorous, it lived up to her expectations, a far more impressive beauty than its traditional sister temple.

A few decades later, however, she returned to find the gold garish and, while it was certainly eye-catching, there was little beyond the immediate gratification of the gold leaf. Ginkakuji, however, offered a new fascination: the aged wood held countless hues and patterns, while the Zen moss and dry sand gardens offered a frame for nature’s many shapes. Unable to appreciate these things as a child, she had grown to see the ravages of time as a deeper source of beauty, far greater than a two-dimensional flash of gold.”

How does this relate to my sobriety?

I am beginning to appreciate that I am not perfect, yet I am perfect in my flawed self. I am now becoming more conscious, not numbing myself, and can begin to appreciate beauty everywhere. I am learning to appreciate ‘the ravages of time’ (my life experiences) as a deeper source of beauty.  I can begin to appreciate that I am a part of all that I see over my lifetime; and while some of the journey has been difficult, it is a part of my imperfection … It is a part of me, and has a beauty of its own.

Perfect Day


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