Pleased to meet you #Day300

Day 300.

Wowzer. Just look at that, THREE HUNDRED DAYS SOBER.

  • 300 days sober
  • 7,200 hours sober
  • 432,000 minutes sober
  • 25,920,000 seconds sober
  • 3,015 not-sipped glasses of wine
  • $2,447.55  saved by not-sipping glasses of wine

I thought I’d celebrate by becoming less anonymous — and taking public ownership of my sobriety.

So I’m going to share a bit of information about myself.

My name is denise (lower case intentional).

Pleased to meet you!

Have you read Laura McKowen’s powerful post about the reality behind some of those our-lives-are-perfect photos friends post on Facebook, etc?

Here’s a holiday picture of me standing at an incredible vista point overlooking a lake in Italy. I absolutely love Italy.

76F4E73E-010C-4A35-9638-47AC59B4305AThe reality of this photo: Abject self-medicated misery. I can barely smile for the camera. Sometimes the loneliest place in the world is in a relationship.

I am days away from mustering everything I have within me to walk away from the abuse. It will be at great personal loss in many areas of my life.

I didn’t hit the new-life ground running however. I had dragged along my tatty ill-fitting old coat of bad habits, wrapping myself up in its old familiar feelings, continuing to throw wine pity parties for myself.

Too many wasted months splashed by; and then something inside of me said “Noooooooooo. Get up, stand up. Now! Carpe Diem!” I threw off the coat and stood up to become a warrior in search of my truest self.

With an ever-clearing head, I started sorting everything, from getting counselling, a job — to accommodation. And now, I am 300 days wine free. Back to me. The happier, healthier version of me – one who sees a future so bright I gotta wear sunglasses 😎.

This is a favorite shot of mine from that trip… Wisteria in Italy in April in full bloom. Just total eye candy everywhere.





11 thoughts on “Pleased to meet you #Day300

  1. Oh.My.Word! ❤️
    Yes, I’ve read Laura McKowen’s post – so true and powerful.
    You have a gift of making others feel connected with your writing! Your blog is so fresh and polished – always love seeing a new entry and how you weave in cool pics and music!
    Congrats on #DAY300 my friend! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi denise! Happy 300. 😁🎂🎉🌸 My much much younger self spent a year as a student in Vienna, so your posts often remind me of those days. I’m so happy you’re no longer in a terrible relationship – with wine or otherwise. -jen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Jen! so happy to be right behind you on this journey! might intrigue you to know i’m an ex-pat, lucky enough to live in Europe. feel very lucky about that… Vienna is AMAZING!!! talk about the center of culture…

      Liked by 1 person

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