Why you drink, and how to stop

Day 286.

Very early on as I was ramping up to getting serious about putting the glass down, I was reading a lot. While I had numerous false starts – two weeks alcohol-free being my best attempt – the reading did help me finally take flight and soar ….

I love this book, and highly recommend it: “Why you Drink and how to stop: the Journey to Freedom” by Veronica Valli (she has great free material and videos on her website).

Some of Valerie’s nuggets of wisdom that planted big fruit-bearing seeds in my head:

  • “Why is it we would rather drink to the point of destruction than tell someone else how we really feel? What are we so scared of?”
  • “I was never physically dependent on alcohol. I didn’t require a medical detox when I finally stopped, I was, however, extremely psychologically dependent on alcohol and was very, very spiritually ill. Alcohol was central to my existence and my life revolved around it. It always seemed like the answer for me.”
  • “Recovery starts when we come to the realisation that we can’t continue the way we have been.”
  • “Alcoholism is an internal (spiritual) illness. Drinking is only a symptom.”
  • “Alcoholism’s key motivator is about changing how you feel.”
  • “Alcoholism grows out of a faulty system of thinking and emotional responses.”
  • ”Emotional pain is the pain we are least equipped to understand or treat. If we can’t treat it then we have to kill or numb it. This is the basis for alcoholism.”
  • “If you have no control over how you feel, then your feelings lead you, and you become a slave to them. Being in charge of your emotional life, rather than the other way round, is essential to long term recovery.”
  • “Living sober is infinitely easier than struggling with alcoholism.”
  • “Wake up! Your life is happening right now. It’s not going to start when you find the right job, house, partner, or lose ten pounds. This is not a rehearsal. These precious seconds right now are your life. Are you going to make them count or are you going to fall back into your numbed state and sleepwalk through your life?”

2 thoughts on “Why you drink, and how to stop

  1. I’ve not heard of this book — thank you for mentioning it. I’ll never forget once in the middle of my drinking years (5-6 years ago maybe) when I heard or read someone allude to how “sometimes people drink to self-medicate,” and I thought, sometimes??!! That may have been some light starting to seep in…

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