Those who go before us …

Day 269.

Though we’ve not met, I feel a kinship with Jen of Without Wine; she’s just a few days ahead of me in sobriety (i.e. 273 days sober today – go Jen!!!).

And what I find really interesting and astounding is how similar the path of sobriety seems to be for everyone. Sure, we’re each on our unique journey, but it seems to me there are typical landmarks that hit us along the way.

For example – on day 277, Jen wrote about accountability. And I was just writing up a  BLOG POST AT almost 9 MONTHS TO SAY THE EXACT SAME THING! I wanted you all to know that there have been many days where the only thing that kept me on the straight and narrow is THIS BLOG and the fact that I could not possibly face another Day 1!

Keep the faith y’all!






6 thoughts on “Those who go before us …

  1. Yeah, Belle once said we are all different bodies with the same head, or something like that. This is exactly why I think we have to believe the peace and happiness others have with their sobriety is possible for us too. Happy sober day to you! -jen

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