Message in a bottle

Day 265.

Walking to an early morning work event today in the fair city of Dublin. Cool, crisp and sunny. My favorite. I love the leaves falling and scattering — no denying summer is over.

I saw this more than once on my 20-minute walk from train to venue …. empties. Vodka, beer, gin, lager … bottles and cans left behind from the night before by many someones.

And I ponder. These someones are struggling, and not winning.

How thankful I’m not one of those drinking bottles of gin neat. On the streets.

Thinking how absolutely horrible they must feel this morning.

How awful alcohol addiction is.

And I feel gratitude that my fall from grace into possible full-blown addiction was stopped. By me. Way before rock bottom.  Whew.

And I am full of gratitude for feeling bright as a button and walking to work at 7am in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Message in a bottle

  1. I love this. I can totally relate. I love this sentence, “By me.” I, too, feel like I have saved my own life. Relish this feeling and remember it in weak moments. ❤️

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