A formula for happier

Day 259.

I love the ever-brash, often outrageous Russell Brand. Not so much his latest look – a man bun and new icky beard; but hey, that’s his choice 🙂 A former addict and wild child, Russell is now years into sobriety.  He’s still hilarious, cheeky and quite wise now in his sobriety. You can see him in action on his facebook page.

In today’s short video clip Russell spoke of off-setting a negative thought by finding three things you are grateful for. I decided to give his formula a go. Just today I was feeling pretty darn sorry for myself about a bad relationship decision of mine, which I see as having ‘ruined’ my life. Instead of revisiting these negative thoughts yet AGAIN, I instead stopped and thought of three things I’m grateful for. Right now. Right here. In the moment. It works! I felt happier, more hopeful that life was indeed good, and that I was doing okay.

Much better than pouring a glass (or 5) and sitting around stewing and letting negative thoughts become a giant, overwhelming, insurmountable my-life-sucks inertia ball of tipsy woe. And throw in feeling crappy the next day.

3 positives cancels out 1 negative = a happier you.

I recommend it.

Russell Brand




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