Easy Peasy

Day 254.

I’m back from a vacation with my high school gang of girls. We spent it out in Cape Cod – in a pretty idyllic setting. What a treasure to have lifelong friends together for a week. Fifty years of friendships. And the first time in ages we spent a week with just us all together. Accepting each other as we are. Helping each other through crises over the years. Always picking up right where we left off when we reconnect. We had so much fun – and laughed from one end of the day to the other.

Just pure joyful laughter.  And I did it all without a single drop of wine.

None of these ladies has ever been much of a drinker – I took on that role. But this week only one person in the group drank – and that was a very modest two small glasses a day at most.

A fabulous sober week. I never felt short-changed that I wasn’t drinking. And it was so warming and special to be around people who accept and love me exactly as I am. They always have. There is nothing more comforting then that, is there?

This was an easy peasy trip.  One where I just felt exuberantly in the moment. Not a moment of alcoholic missteps or hangovers.

Thank you universe. It was just what I needed.





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