That sense of impending doom

Day 247.

It occurs to me I no longer suffer from anxiety. Oh sure, I am a born worrier. That won’t change. However, it is more reasoned, logical worrying – even choosing not to worry; and I can talk myself down from just about anything now.

I used to sweat the big, the small and the non-existent stuff.  Drinking poured big drum barrels of gasoline over real and perceived problems. Alcohol was the match that lit the whole darn world of worry on fire. Everything was blown out of proportion. Hungover and handwringing, I’d be miserable and work myself into a real state.

Not drinking has completely obliterated that awful sense of impending doom.

2 thoughts on “That sense of impending doom

  1. Yeah. Yes! So many things — irritable human being, moody human being, worry wart — have physiological reasons but seem to be “just the way we are.” Drinking, food sensitivities, other weird chemical stuff. It’s such a gift when we discover (and are able to use!) the lever…

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