I’m grateful I’m a picky drinker

Day 231.

Over the years my drink or ‘poison of choice’ has always been wine. White, red, rose – all of it. Well I do have standards, no dessert wine, thank you.

Here’s where I feel grateful.

I really don’t care for any other types of alcoholic beverages. And I’d go without if there wasn’t any wine (or drink one itsy bitsy mixed drink, a cold beer or sumthin’).

In my youth I played with mixed drinks such as Tequila Sunrises and Harvey Wallbangers (am I dating myself here?); most likely because they were 50c on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our favorite disco bar (Okay, now I REALLY just dated myself LOL). I did like Bombay Gin for awhile, long ago – as a ‘sophisticated’ choice. But drinks such as brandy, bourbon, vodka, whiskey – all gak.

There’s a phrase here in Ireland where people say someone is “a martyr to … “, referring to the thing that person seems to absolutely need to do all the time, or adheres to, or believes in – at any cost. It often relates to alcohol. I cringe remembering an ex saying to me “you’re a martyr to the wine”.  I shrugged it off. Shrugged it off my massively hung over shoulders. It was an all-night party, and sure didn’t everyone drink a lot that night??

When reading rock bottom horror stories where people will do anything to get alcohol into their bodies; from grain alcohol (so deadly), rubbing alcohol from the pharmacy – to drinking mouthwash, I am grateful that if there wasn’t any wine around, I’d probably not drink anything.

Simply keeping away from the wine, not having it here in the house – that is half the battle won for me.

And I feel so lucky for that. So, so lucky.


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