Day 230.

I know where all my fatty weight came from – drink. The empty sugar calories of wine and the way I’d eat what I wanted with abandon. A big pizza all for me? Check. Bag of salted potato chips?  With dips? Yum! Cheese, cheese, and more cheese – with some crackers? Yay baby! (It was never a bowl of celery. LOL) I’d also cruise the cabinets in the kitchen to find other things to eat …

I have worked out that I was often eating at least an extra 3,000 calories a day, what with the wine, and the ensuing gorging.

And guess what? There’s now a name for this type of eating.


Scientists apparently came up with this new term for that craving-fast-food-after-a-night-of-drinking thing.

Drunk Munchies or ‘Drunchies’ is caused by soaring glucose levels from the sugar content in alcohol. Researchers also believe craving pizzas, kebabs and burgers after the pub could be fuelling the obesity epidemic. (Hey scientists – you think?!?!?)

Great name!  And also good insight to understand WHY we eat junk after drinking.

However, they lose me when they say dispelling the myth that these foods will ‘soak up’ the alcohol could help people choose healthier food even after a night of binge drinking.

Doh! I don’t think so. Drinking makes you lose your inhibitions. You lose your willpower. I know this personally!! You crave salty, savory and greasy. And you eat it. End of.

Just another reason to be grateful for my sobriety. I don’t keep junk food in the house anymore. Bad choices take much more thought – and are so much easier to not follow through on.

Drunchies + wine + no exercise = weight gain.

No drunchies + no wine + yes exercise = helping me get half way to my weight loss goal so far.


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