The smell of gargle off of ye!

Day 223.

That’s the Irish way of saying the smell of drink off of you- like a brewery!

A tiny odd moment. In my gym class today — the instructor didn’t participate, as they usually do, instead giving instructions from the top of the room, and nursing a coffee.

Humm, not a problem, I thought, but odd.

Then when they came by to check my progress, I could smell stale alcohol.

Ah, a bit of a hangover, so….. from last night.

I’m not judging.  Was I ever like that? Suffering from the night before? Oh, yes. I know for SURE I have been that soldier. And I felt a fleeting shame how I too must have smelled of the pub the day after. Alcohol in my system. And nursed a coffee. Popped strong pain medicine. And was way less than 100% functional. On a work day. On more than one occasion.

Ugh. Reason #223 I’m glad I don’t drink any more.






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