Do you treat yourself with compassion?

Day 222.
For a guy I’ve never met, he sure inspires me – and lifts me to new heights of awareness of self and the world around us. That guy is Dr. Glenn Doyle.  If you’re on Facebook, I highly recommend following him.
Yesterday Dr. Doyle wrote how about how essential it is to be compassionate with ourselves.  Yes, compassion with others is important – but don’t forget yourself!!!
Man, I can beat myself up good! I like to make everything my fault. But am I really that powerful????? Why don’t I extend my compassion for others to myself???
If it was the 13th century or something, I’d be one of those monks that self-punishes myself with a horse hair whip. LOL
I can see drinking was a way of denying myself that compassion. Numbing myself to feelings of compassion for myself. Instead I spent my drinking time being very very hard on myself, and dwelling on the others involved in a drama or relationship. Brooding in my Pity Party how this was probably all my fault something happened, or how someone acted – or something was said – or the outcome. All. My. Fault. Really, I am not that powerful!!! Plus, by drinking, I prevented forward movement out of the situation.
“Sooooo many of us are waiting to run across someone who understands and has compassion for all the little nooks and crannies and peculiarities of who we are, the idiosyncrasies that make us, us. 
But do we extend OURSELVES that understanding and compassion? 
If we’re not treating ourselves with compassion and curiosity and understanding– if we’re not giving ourselves the benefit of the doubt– why on earth are expecting anyone else to? 
Do not put up with treatment from yourself that you wouldn’t tolerate or desire from someone outside of you.” (Dr. Doyle)
Amen to that, fellow traveler.

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