Time to drop the baggage forever

Day 208.

Most of us carry emotional baggage — especially as we pile up a life time of road miles.

Most of us drag this virtual baggage around, bringing it with us everywhere we go. It defines who we are. Or we let it define who we are. Perhaps we set it down long enough to sit around and drink and think – to worry over it, or to feel sorrow and despair at the collection we have let define us and our relationships with others. Wishing to break free – but maybe not knowing how. Drinking to dull it all.

I like to joke that my emotional baggage is fabulous vintage designer … a bit of Luis Vuitton steamer luggage perhaps – along with those great hat boxes ladies used to have …

Wow am I tired of lugging this stuff around. I have recognized it, and have begun to understand how I have let it define my relationships. And at this point I am ready to drop it. With almost seven months of sobriety under my belt I’m feeling a bit stronger.

I am setting down that emotional baggage – and walking away from it. That’s my ambition. That’s what I want to do from this minute onwards.



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