TMI without wine … not easy

Day 206.

“TMI: An expression indicating that someone has revealed information that is too personal and made the listener or reader uncomfortable.”
      Source: Wikipedia

I’m visiting my with-it healthy elderly dad. Hard of hearing – but we deal with that through repetition in conversation. LOL.

He seems to be in the phase of his life where he feels that now I’m an adult I can hear the real story on some of the situations that have happened with family members over the generations.

And you know what? I want to just escape sometimes into a glass of wine. I don’t want to know that we are all just humans after all. You know stuff that you think only happens in soap operas! Or that beloved relatives had addiction challenges, relationship challenges. All of that. I want to be twelve years old again and NOT know the adult-version of life. I want to be twelve years old again and NOT have a real care or worry in my life – and think that we are just all happy families. Everyone – not just me.

Another reason I’ve discovered and uncovered why I drank wine….. to stay in my precieved ‘perfect world’.




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