I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing

Day 198.

I got the inspiration for today’s post from this sappy love song from Aerosmith. But for an entirely different reason. (And I’m not against silly love songs!) I’m looking at it from a sobriety angle. Aerosmith were the very definition of hard-partying rock ‘n’ roll lads. The shifted to sobriety – AND went on to have massive hits post-sobriety.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are 100% Gold Rock Stars. They glow in the dark (I worked with them for a short time), and they had been fully seduced by and living all the cliche-laden lifestyle on offer to big rock stars.

Steven Tyler: “I did it so much I couldn’t stop, and then I had to ask myself and face myself to see why couldn’t I stop. My sobriety cost me nothing less than everything. It’s serious when you lose your kids, your wife, your band, your job…and you’ll never understand why, because you’re an addict.”

Except for a small fall, they’ve been sober for decades now.  (Along with alcohol, there were drug addictions too. I’m so thankful I didn’t get into that whole scene (nor could I have afforded it – LOL).

In my journey of sobriety I am learning that yes, I don’t want to miss a thing.

I didn’t feel that in the last year of my ever growing self-medication.

But now that I am HALF WAY through a year of sobriety (!!!!!), I am learning to be uncomfortable. I am learning that I will live to tell the tale after each uncomfortable feeling and situation.

And that is very different from when I was hiding in the bottom of the wine bottle. Now that I’ve gotten through some uncomfortable situations (such as spending time with family LOL), I am learning that there is such strength in sobriety to not feel anxious, scared, or reverting to old habits – and letting the real you out in full hurricane 5 force.

I worked with Aerosmith during this era – and love this song. (Love their ‘old’ stuff too… WHAT a band live!)

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing

  1. Aerosmith was the first sober concert I went to.
    They came to northern Alberta and played to a mostly empty stadium. It was awesome.
    They revived a love of live music in me.
    Cuz I don’t want to miss a thing either!

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