Under pressure …

Day 191.

“Under pressure
Under pressure
David Bowie & Queen

Today’s post is a health observation.

Another benefit of not drinking: a huge decrease in my blood pressure!

I never realized – or chose to IGNORE – the fact that alcohol unequivocally contributes to increased blood pressure. I chose to focus on the ‘benefits’ of drinking red wine. Red wine apparently has flavonoid components (a good thing, from all I can gather), a healthy antioxidant effect and lowers cholesterol. See? It’s healthy to drink wine!

Of course I was ignoring that these benefits were from one tiny glass a day. Five ounces, or 14 ml. One glass AT THE MOST per day for women (lucky guys – they get two glasses a day).

Any more then that adorable little smidgen of wine and you face raised blood pressure,  increased chances of heart problems, high triglycerides and certain cancers. Drinking more than three alcoholic drinks a day increases your chances of eventually developing hypertension by up to 70%.

I ignored all that. I also ignored that alcohol packs plenty of empty calories, which increases weight – which in turn increases blood pressure.

A couple years ago, when my Dr. prescribed BP tablets for me, I found this deeply depressing. But of course I wasn’t going to point the finger at my wine. No sir. Maybe now I didn’t need to worry since I was taking a tablet. I could just continue my sedentary wine-swilling ways. (Wow, self-medicating alcoholic thinking for sure).

So now I’m off the booze. I will say in the last two months I have also taken personal responsibility for other areas of my health – and have upped the exercise stakes and am eating healthier. I bought a BP monitor to use at home, and have seen a huge dip in my readings. Like back-down-to-normal readings.

And I’m determined to get off the tablets.

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