Walk a mile in your shoes …

Day 187.

I was reading Get Thee To A Gym…Pronto about trading one addiction for another – and having a growing desire to take action for your health.  I so appreciate the searing honesty in the post – and relate. Thank you timeflies….

I’d like to throw something out here that has worked for me. Maybe someone will find it of value.

When I knew for sure that I wanted to get sober, it was followed by the desire to eat better and exercise. Where I was at with eating/exercise was NOT doing it. I had traded one addiction for another. Food and more food. Which was leading to the vicious cycle of saying ‘oh heck, doesn’t matter anyway’ – I just really didn’t know where to start …

And then I discovered  Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone.

You don’t need to go anywhere, you just need a bit of space at your house – and you can do it!  Following along with the upbeat and fun Leslie & crew – I got my steps in. No one around to judge. No gym bunnies to make you want to run out of the locker room screaming. And after doing a session I felt good WITHOUT STEPPING OUTSIDE.

Leslie offers 1-2-3-4-5 miles(!) options, some of which include stretch stuff during the walking – without having to get dressed and step outside. Talk about having no excuse.

I just love her upbeat message to the world. Originally her walk sessions were only available on DVDs – but she’s now bringing her concept nationwide. There are loads of free walks of hers on You Tube. You can also subscribe for the app at like US$50 for an annual subscription to access all her videos – or follow their daily suggested one.

By the way, this is not an ad. 🙂

Just me sincerely telling you that it lead me to feeling good about myself and I started to see some differences in my health and my body. While some people stick with the Walk At Home program with great success, once you have the confidence, you may find, as it did to me, inspired to take it even further – to the gym, zumba – and beyond.


p.s. Here’s my random related-topic – a favorite sixties song Walk A Mile In My Shoes (1969) by Joe South

2 thoughts on “Walk a mile in your shoes …

  1. Walking is good because you can do it everywhere.
    I generally go to or teach yoga every day. I used to lift weights, boot camp, etc. But now I do what I enjoy and it’s just a part of life.
    If you liked walking then go for a stroll. You don’t even need special clothing.

    Enjoy the time. Be aware of what’s around you. You might be inspired!

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