Your frontier scout reporting back

Day 184.

I’ve already written about my six month’s sobriety date – a biggie for me.

I’ve been reading and following those who have many more days/months/years under their belt – and it’s clear that good stuff keeps happening as you go Westward Ho! with your sobriety.

For those of you who might be a bit behind me in days, I want to let you know I have seen and experienced what’s ahead for you – and there is so much to look forward to!

I feel like a frontier scout out on the prairie scouting the lay of the land, meeting the locals, seeing if there’s fresh water, good locations to build – all that.

I’ve come back to encourage you — there’s gold in them thar mountains and rivers and streams. Sober Gold!

I can best describe my last couple months as layers of an onion peeling back. I really thought after the first 30 days I had experienced all the goodies there are to be had with sobriety. It was good, and I knew it was healthy. And I knew it was the right thing to do.

But as the days progress, the results of being sober just get a little more subtle. Layers of the old me, the old messaging to myself, the old habits – the old responses, they’re just peeling away slowly but surely. Leaving the real me to shine through. And by the way, learning what the ‘real’ you is a BIG DEAL.

It’s the little stuff that really makes me think… WOW, this was totally worth it. The nail-biting times of oh darn, just give me a glass. The decision to do it – and keep to it (one day at a time, baby, one day at a time.)

Just today I noted that all the spidery little veins from drinking are gone from my face!

Yesterday, it was sunny and summery. A breeze blowing, and birds singing – it just felt so good to be alive.

I actually feel “gung-ho” now. Not 24/7 – but I catch my self so very full of a ‘bring it on’ feeling. What will the day bring, what fun projects do I have on the list? Oh lookee – how exciting to see the colorful fresh vegetables piled high in the local farmers market!

Please know it’s so so worth it to keep slogging through the days of give-me-a-glass-and-forget-this-all .. and also the days of emotional downers.

sparkleSo … Keep calm and carry on … whatever your ‘carry on’ is. (I’m partial to a little sparkle).

I’m with you! I’m reading you!




P.S. That’s Calamity Jane in the photo! One tough cookie…


10 thoughts on “Your frontier scout reporting back

  1. Ah, so I’ve got a few months to go before the veins go, good to know scout leader! I was about to make an appointment at the laser clinic but I’ll wait it out. Look at all the money you just saved me with this post! 🙂

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    1. I don’t feel that calling you CrazyCatLady for short looks good.. so I’m going to cat Kitty! Let me add that I did reboot my skin care regime and that made a big difference as well. but I was absolutely delighted to see the awful little veins absolutely decreased to almost nothing. 🙂

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      1. LOL! I’ve always been pretty good with my skin care but have rosacea and wasn’t sure if it was red wine in the veins or the rosacea that can be treated. Great to hear that your’s are all most gone, that’s a fantastic benefit.

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      2. A random beauty tip – in a sobriety blog! gasp! LOL just want to mention that Dr. Hauschka has a fabulous face cream for those dealing with rosacea. Health stores and Sephora carry it…

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