Day 176.

I have mentioned I use an app to keep track of my steadily increasing days of sobriety. It works for me — along with writing this blog, reading other’s blogs, and getting virtual support from those reading my blog (eternal thanks!).

At the moment, the biggest thing keeping me from picking up a glass of vino is the idea of having to start ALL OVER AGAIN. I’d hate to see a few hours, rather than 176 days and 12 hours on my app!

I’ve noticed something in this process of my sobriety ticking over …

Some days seem be frozen in time. It feels like 48 hours later the app is telling me the exact same hours, the exact same days. I am struck within the space of these frozen-in-time moments by the enormity of this overwhelming decision I made to stop drinking. Foreveeerrrr. I fear I will never find sobriety to be a big ho-hum, who cares, it’s all good.

And then at other times, it’s a darn time lapse video. Ten days into one minute.  Everything just zooming by really fast. Before I know it, days have flown by on my app. And on these quickly-racking-up-the-sober-day moments I feel invincible – and can see ONE YEAR sober juuuuuust around the corner.


P.S. My main image is an iconic shot of the Beatles. I am a first-generation Beatle fan. This 23 minutes is so sweet, life-affirming and wonderful I just had to share. If you have not seen James Cordon with Paul McCartney doing Car Karoke … just wow. Baby you can drive my car!


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