Projects vs. Pinot

Day 172

I used to be a really crafty, creative projects person. Painting, sewing, upholstery, jewelry making, appliqué, photography, and geeky organizational things, etc.

And then I let the fog of Pinot Noir inertia settle over and sap the goodness out of me. Once the first glass was poured I never felt the energy or inclination to do anything creative.  I just let precious time drift along doing a whole bunch of nothing. Well, I did do self-medicating and ruminating.

Now (almost) six months into sobriety, I find I have a refreshed and renewed enthusiasm to use time in a more creative way.

I have several very geeky projects ready to go:

Geeky project #1 — I have been collecting beautiful cookbooks with recipes for a wide variety of vegetables.  Lots of them. However, none of these cookbooks seem to list recipes by their main ingredients. When broccoli, cauliflower or such is on sale, I bring it home and don’t know where the recipes are to use them.

So here’s the geeky part: I’m going to collate a list of recipes in my computer – grouped by vegetable, noting the cookbook and page.

Geeky project #2 – Cataloguing my pantry! Don’t know about you, but because I love to cook, and have lots of spices, herbs, oils and other pantry things, I often buy something I already have. Three bottles of ground cumin anyone??? And I love picking up local spices when I travel.  So I’m going to start a list in my computer of everything I have, alphabetize it – and never buy duplicates again! And also start using some of these exotic spices I’ve brought back from places like Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

Geeky project #3 – After my mother died, I became the designated child that has all the family photos. I have wanted to – and am finally doing this – pull them together in chronological order into a photo album, and print copies for each family member.

Life is feeling more creative and fun.

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