Be your own cornerman …

Day 170

“If you’ve ever watched a professional boxing or mixed martial arts fight, you might have noticed the fighters’ respective cornermen shouting instructions and encouragement to the athletes, especially when they get into trouble. When we experience pain, we need to be our own “cornermen.” We need to learn to talk ourselves down from that reaction of fear and panic that accompanies pain. We need to be our own “coach” that helps us descend from that place of anxious desperation.”

I’ve mentioned Dr. Glenn Doyle before – I just love him. He’s soooo no-nonsense, and yet so compassionate about the ‘human condition’.

The quote is from his recent blog post managing pain in the real world. It’s a great one about tackling pain straight on, instead of running away.  I think about my pains — getting through urges to drink, urges to relive painful situations, etc. Dr. Doyle talks about being there for yourself as your own coach, and scientist and researcher. Your own team (in your head) — to help yourself navigate difficult times.

Next time you’re facing down that urge to drink forget the famous ‘demons’. Instead, bring your own A Team – the coach, the scientist and researcher. Let them question it. Assess it. Observe it. They’re on your side – let ‘your team’ help you get to the bottom of these urges, pain – or whatever it is you are struggling with at the moment. Get to the bottom of it so you can understand and move through the urge to drink.

Be your ‘cornerman’ shouting instructions and encouragement as you conquer those urges.

You’ve got your back!

You can do this!


2 thoughts on “Be your own cornerman …

  1. Hmmm
    There’s a lot to be said for support. Trying to be ones own coach (or lawyer) doesn’t always work out that well. We can’t always see ourselves.

    That’s why people find sponsors. Or therapists, family, etc with whom they can be real.

    Help is always good.


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