The tipping point

Day 157.

I was on the other side of two personal crises. I was no longer under seige. I was now safe and coming back to myself. Yet I was still numbing myself.

I had, during that ‘war time’, developed a very bad habit of opening a bottle at the stroke of Wine O’Clock (5pm for me) and spending the rest of the evening ‘relaxing’. I can distinctly remember times I wished 5 O’clock would hurry up and arrive. Other than getting past my crises – which was an accomplishment – nothing in my life was improving or changing. Day after day, month after month.

What was the tipping point for me? When did I said enough is enough?

I was buying two ‘six packs’ of wine because they were on sale AND I’d get a 5% discount per each six pack. My store even offers free handy six-bottle carriers with handles. They were practically paying me to drink!

The clink, clink, clink as I walked to the car with my two six packs pierced my consciousness … I was primed for my aha! moment …


I polished off a bottle, and added it to the pile of empties.

I stopped. I became fully conscious.

I had just gone to the recycling center last week!

The pile building up was all mine.

No household items such as empty mayo or pickle jars.

No, it was just wine bottles. Each bottle represented how I was choosing to abuse my health and well-being.

All the bottles were mine.

I had just gone to the recycling center last week.

THAT was the final straw.

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