Self love …

Day 151.

I noticed this morning that in my sobriety I have become more loving with myself. I am prepared to take better care of myself. And I really desire to be the BEST version of myself.

So ….

  • I joined a gym – and keeping to a schedule
  • I hired a trainer to set a program that covers both weight-bearing and cardio to put the emphasis on my enduring health going forward
  • I looked around to find what I’d love to do that is an activity. I LOVE zumba – and have signed up for that. I’m going to try Pilates and also folding in Yoga.
  • This is a big one. I want to un-isolate myself from humanity. I am joining groups like to find activities in my area.
  • I saw a nutrition coach to understand what better eating looks like. Portion sizes, and creating a perfect balance throughout the day, eating a whole food plant based diet for maximum health.
  • I’ve made an appointment with an Ayurveda doctor to get a a balanced health of mental and physical – inside and outside.
  • I am taking better care of my skin and teeth (I shudder at how many times I went to sleep without brushing my teeth – red wine stains.). I work remotely and have shifted from the rut of just throwing something on, to styling my hair everyday and putting on jewelry, perfume and lipstick. Fleeces and sweat shirts have been relegated to the gym visits.
  • I am reading self improvement books (currently in my stack: Radical Beauty, The Alzheimer’s Solution, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again,  Mindless Eating, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying)

I have the time back now that was spent on Wine O’Clock. Usually from 5pm onwards to bed. I am actually re-entering the world and making myself seen and heard in the most healthy version I can be.





7 thoughts on “Self love …

  1. I hope you find as much power in Ayurveda as I have.
    Sometimes the concepts conflict with what a fitness based nutritionist might say.
    Listen to the Ayurveda. It is powerful.

    Great list!


    1. Hey Anne I am excited about my Ayurveda consultation – have heard nothing but good things… and yes will listen without bias! Thank you for reading!!


  2. I love this Bumpy! I am having continuous false starts of getting healthy and fit. I am sober and right now that has to be my main focus. It’s starting to get easier now and hope I can join you in taking care of myself more physically too ❤️

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    1. I get that! i made a tidy list for myself, but believe me there are false starts littering the path! And I am trying to keep myself on track by stating things publicly 🙂 It’s all changes by increments. Self love is the most important one. but they are goals i really truly want to achieve… and that counts for right now I think. you are doing fantastic. ❤️

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    1. thank you! it was suggested to me i start a meetup group … and that had never occured to me!!! 😐🤔
      making it happen, can begin with you making the effort…. which you’ve done…. ❤️


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