5 months …

Months 5
Weeks 21 weeks 4 days
Days 150
Hours 3,750
Minutes 225,000
Seconds  13,500,000
Drinks passed 1,497
Money saved  €1,069 / $1,233

I’m amazed at myself. I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

And today I am savouring my success at choosing sobriety for five months now! (and  not drinking almost 1,500 glasses of wine 😮 )

I am not taking this lightly. I thank my friends. I thank me when I white-knuckled it through the intense desire to neck a bottle of red. I thank each of you reading this for your support. Writing a blog has helped keep me on track – through the lows, and my thought processes, etc. And what you’ve written in your blogs, or told me by email, has inspired me and really make me feel like this is a tribe that it’s totally cool to be a part of. Sobriety.

I thank the academy, and with a Bette Davis toss of my hair, I exit stage left.

Now. Onwards and upwards. Bring on Month Six.

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

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