Renting out space in your head

Day 130.

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools
we use to paint the canvas of our lives”
Louise Hay

I am revisiting “Why you Drink and how to stop” by  Veronica Valli.  It really helped me at the start of my ‘I’m going to do this’ journey.

Veronica is a great motivator – and the book is perfect to read while you are gearing up to really, truly honestly put down the bevvie once and for all!

Veronica has a great way of laying out how thoughts can be so destructive.  Are you guilty of renting out space in your head to lots of detrimental thoughts of people, conversations, worries and fears??? Are they on repeat??? (That’s me for sure!)

Time to stop inviting those thoughts in…

Renting out space in your head

Here’s an excerpt from Veronica’s book: “Think about this. Who and what do you rent free space in your mind to? And what does that do to you?

No one inhabits your thoughts unless you invite them in.”

“We allow other people’s actions to dominate us by constantly going over in our minds conversations and situations that have troubled us.”

When we get caught up in worrying what other people think about us we are giving away our personal power. We do this when we are dissatisfied and we are dominated by what other people may or may not have done to us. We just can’t seem to let ‘it’ go.”

By going over old resentments and frustrations we are ‘chewing’ on them, often making them worse than they actually were.”

“In sobriety we have to learn to let these things go. The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is an excellent way of doing this. But you might also find Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBG) or other types of therapy equally useful.”

“Creating order and peace in our thinking usually requires an outside intervention or help; as our own thinking created the problem, so a new way of think is required for the solution.”

“But rest assured that the sober mind can be one that is free of resentments, anger and fear – this is what you are working towards. A free mind is the best insurance against drinking.”


Byron Katie comes from a different angle on this concept of thoughts in your head.  What if you didn’t have that thought.? Her approach was SO LIBERATING for me when I was stuck in repeat on my relationship trauma at the time. See what you think.


P.S. Here’s a podcast with Veronica to give you a sense of what she’s about.

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