Ring them bells …

Day 124.

“Ring them bells for the time that flies”
Bob Dylan

I love wind chimes. Partly because they remind me of my mother. She collected wind chimes, and they were hung up all around our patio. The beautiful sounds – some buddhist temple gonging deep, others light and feathery. So peaceful and lovely to sit out on the patio on a summer evening just contemplating amongst the chimes.

That’s my wind chime in the photo above. I’ve had it for the last 25 years. It’s been an anchor through all my moves and relationships – and hanging it up in my latest abode always brings a sense of home … Home is where the wind chimes are.

I even recorded a :30 second sound slice for you .. captured this morning around 6am. There was a nice breeze – birds singing their dawn chorus. I love that time in the morning – anything is possible, and it’s quiet and reflective.

Just being thankful this morning… here on Day One Hundred and Twenty-Four of sobriety.



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