On the road to find out …

Day 120.

Four months sober!

Amazing! (to me anyway 🙂 ).. and I appreciate that it’s not easy. I just went through a rough patch; but got through it without a drink.

In my navel-gazing today I realized I have always had a thing about roads.

Two images I’ve taken in just the last six months.
Left: Lake Garda, Italy
Right: County Wicklow, Ireland.


A few of my very favorite songs share a yearning to ‘find things out’ … by taking to the road….
  • “On the Road To Find Out” Cat Stevens
  • “Lonesome Highway” Rodney Crowell
  • “All I Want”Joni Mitchell (‘I am on a lonely road, and I am traveling, traveling’)
  •  “Thunder Road” Bruce Springsteen

My absolute favorite poem?  “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

Why roads?

Even in my teens, I looked to roads and travel as ways to find out, to get to the bottom of things – to understand the meaning of life. My journals feature them … My dreams start with them …

Roads are a very strong metaphor for me … they speak to me of freedom, adventures, escapes – beginnings, ends. I felt as if roads could divulge who I am. A journey of discovery.

What about you dear reader?

What metaphor has resonated for you throughout your life?


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