What works is different for each of us

Day 111.

Besides being totally excited that Lotta of ‘Mrs. D is Going Without’ fame answered my fan girl email – she also added my blog to her blog roll! Like OMG! (Me reverting to being 13 years old again – jumping up and down squealing.)

I’ve had many new visitors (thank you!), and I in turn have visited others. Each special corner of the internet universe is a thing of beauty and insight, documenting a personal road to sobriety – and the struggles and pathway to staying sober.

We’re all struggling! Recovery is different for each of us. I am not going to take my 111 days for granted, that is for sure. And I’m learning that there are a variety of paths to follow. Some of which include adhering to support groups such as AA, for some it has included a stint at a retreat – and for others it’s been medication to quell the beast.

A friend of mine sent a TEDx talk to me by an actress Claudia Christian. ‘How I overcame alcoholism’ tells the world what worked for her. Claudia also produced a film around the method – One Little Pill.

It is based on the Dr. David Sinclair Method. I hadn’t heard of this, and did some research. From his website: “Dr. Sinclair hypothesized that alcohol produces reinforcement in the brain in a way that’s similar to opiates. His research indicated that alcohol produced reinforcement by releasing endorphins that bind with opioid receptors in the brain. A solution to stopping the reinforcement cycle might be to block the receptors every time alcohol was used. Using Naltrexone, an opiate blocker, the results of testing were encouraging. “Extinction” of the impulse to drink takes place over time and works for around 80% of people who use the method properly. It’s important to note that you take the pill an hour before drinking, not simply when you feel like it.”

Apparently it removes the kick and desire you get from a drink, and you lose the desire to imbibe – even if a glass of wine is presented on a silver platter to you.

This is not an endorsement

This is absolutely not an endorsement, nor do I know anyone who has tried it. I’m wondering if any readers have had experience with this method?




Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “What works is different for each of us

  1. Hi! Welcome to Mrs D’s blog roll! Nope, I haven’t tried this. I did see the Ted Talk, and I was intrigued. For me, it felt a bit like an “easy” button – and I don’t mean to sound negative, because if it works for some people, that’s awesome. But I needed to do the work, and as I got a little further on my sober path, i figured out that putting down the bottle was just the start. So in my case, I wonder if this had been available to me, I might just have figured that I was “fixed”. And then i would have missed the good bit. xx

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    1. Hey Jackie! What a really interesting view. I had not thought of it that way. I guess I was thinking of people (been there!) who might have felt like groundhog day, trying over and over again – and were desperate to get past that first couple of hurdles. You are right, if you have work to do, and you don’t do it, you have not resolved the core issue of why you drink. The Ted Talk seemed to be about pure addiction, and nothing else.


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