It’s not the bad choices … it’s how you recover from them

Day 96.

I was talking to a good friend of mine about life. I really value his opinion and insight. I’ve been friends with heand his wife for years. We’ve each had ups and downs – and we’ve all have been there to offer support and share the pain when there is pain – and joy when there is joy.

I was talking to him about where I am now  – in a good space, and moving on from the train wreck of a personal life that I emerged from last year. And things really are good now, and getting better. It took a long time to recover from some bad choices I made in a relationship, to re-convene with myself — and get back on the road of my life.

I was bemoaning to him how I suffer from some of my bad choices. He told me to look at things a little differently. YES, I have made a few bad choices – don’t we all.

Instead of falling apart and living a ruined life – I should see instead that I am amazing! Amazing??? How I asked? Most people would give up, hide away and never recover. He said I recover from these bad choices, rebuilding an even better life – and that’s to be celebrated!

In my sobriety … I took from that insight:

  • It’s not about the bad choices, it’s about how you recover or bounce back that matters; how you move forward, what you do differently. (And don’t repeat bad choices!)

I’m so glad I am choosing NOT to drown my sorrows. Instead I am sticking to sober clear thinking.



Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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