The first 90 days!

129, 600 seconds sober
2,160 hours sober
90 days sober
Three months sober

It’s here! I couldn’t wait for my app to tick over to 90 days!

Why is this particular number a big deal?  Everything I’ve read in the realm of addiction and counselling says the first ninety days is when you are most likely to relapse.

Here are 25 observations I’ve made about sobriety over these last 90 days.

25. Emotions without alcohol to numb them are not as unbearable as I imagined

24. It takes awhile to get used to being somewhere and not selecting a glass of wine as the beverage of choice

23. Mocktails are actually quite tasty! Especially a well-done Mojito

22. Hangovers are a huge massive unhealthy waste of time

21. I no longer need packets of Paracetamal (or stronger) for the next day’s headache

20. The buying, hiding, disposing of bottles takes a lot of effort

19. Sometimes I miss the relationship I had with wine. Especially that end-of-day-glass-in-hand sinking down into the sofa feeling

18. That #19 feeling? Yeah.. that. The desire for alcohol lingers for a long time  😦

17. I watch others have just one drink. I realize ‘just one drink’ is just not doable for me

16. Even being just a ‘problem drinker’ rather than hitting-bottom-homeless-crisis means I can never drink again

15. Drinking to forget my problems doesn’t work – they’re still there when the wine is gone

14. My skin is so much clearer – many have commented

13. My thinking is clearer – my brain has commented to me on this 🙂

12. I love being able to always drive home from wherever I am

11. Instead of feeling pity, I now admire people who don’t drink

10. Quotes and affirmations help lift my mood – and keep me on course

9. I don’t have to tell everyone why I am not drinking. Most don’t care. The only people who seem to care are those who are threatened when others don’t join them

8. As I find what my triggers are, I learn what to avoid (if I can). More importantly, why I am feeling the way I am. This leads to strength in staying sober.

7. No one can change my life for me – I need to take care of myself

6. Like AA says – ‘One day at a time’ works best

5. My app tells me I’ve saved €644.60 over the last 90 days

4. There are some really nice 0.0% non-alcholic wines available now. It’s a shame that restaurants, pubs and other outlets never seem to have these options on the menu.

3. Dating sober is not really as scary as I thought it would be

2. ‘Progress not Perfection’ – love that one!

And the #1 reason?

1. Nothing seems as anxiety-inducing as it once did. This is definitely one of best things about being sober.


P.S. Here’s a crazy thing I noticed. In searching for an image to include here, when I use the word ‘celebration’… seems like 99% of the images feature alcohol!!





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