And the horse you rode in on…

Day 84.

Right now I’m focused on Triggers.

What feeling, situation or event is triggering me to crave a glass (or four) of wine? And, can I avoid a trigger – or simply acknowledge it, so it’ll go away.

What I do not want to do in response to a trigger:

  • pour a glass of wine,
  • order a glass of wine,
  • or say yes to an offer of a glass of wine.

By the way, I have no alcohol in my house. I’d have to make a big effort to get a bottle. Shops aren’t near, so I’d have to drive to the shops – a half hour commitment. That helps a lot. I suppose the harder moments are when I’m at a restaurant or at someone else’s house. A simple matter of saying: Yes, Please!

A big driver to my saying no in every situation now is the 84 days (and ticking over every 24 hours) under my belt. I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing that all away and starting over on Day 1 again.

Instead I think hard about what is causing the urges. What is the trigger in that moment?

It’s most often feelings. And that’s an array; sad, melancholy, agitated, resigned, shameful – full of regret. Yesterday I felt agitated. I had been reminded of the failures of the last relationship. Regrets. I found once I identified what was agitating me – and called it a trigger, the craving becomes manageable. Enough to get through that moment’s craving.

And the 0.0% alcohol red wine Natureo helps a lot too. But that was always meant to be a choice when I wanted to feel part of the party. I’m starting to use it the way I used to use real wine. I’m going to have to stop having bottles of it in the house.

The calories are okay – about 250 a bottle. But the sugar content is off the scale. Six teaspoons of sugar is the absolute maximum you should consume a day. A bottle of Natureo 0.0% has seven teaspoons! That and the fact that I am often drinking a bottle of it a day! That’s no good. It’s a crutch. Sure, it’s non-alcoholic – but it’s a crutch.

Here’s my conclusion:

Identifying the feeling, situation or event – and understanding it is a trigger – makes the craving diminish to a point I can resist the wine. It often makes the urge go away. 


P.S. I hope you recognize Roy Rogers – and his beautiful horse Trigger!

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