The Weight

Day 54.

Take a load off Fanny, take a load for free
Take a load off Fanny, and you put the load right on me

The Band singing The Weight just came into my head. Love that song. And while this isn’t the meaning behind the song – it made ME think about this weight gain in the form of blub around my stomach and a need to lose a couple of stone.

Weight issues. Yep. I’ve had weight issues, body issues all my life. And I’ve battled the bulge all my life. Super sensitive to it, and often over-imagined that I’m ‘fat’. A family history situation that I won’t bore you with – but one I’ve been addressing.

Alcohol sure doesn’t help!  Empty calories – and lots of them. And then snacking handfuls of savoury stuff, loaded sandwiches with cheese and mayo – bags of crisps. Comfort eating was my friend for the last few years.

It weighs on me a lot. I had been in a very healthy phase of my life, and let life and circumstances rob that from me .. I allowed that to happen.

In doing a self-inventory I have come to realise that it comes down to ME and MY choices. I have a lot wrapped up in eating and weight. Starting from childhood. But my epiphany in this last while is that I punish myself. Instead of staying healthy and taking care of myself during times where I don’t know what to do, during times of emotional stress and unhappiness – instead of striving to maintain and keep extremely healthy, I instead abuse my own body. I punish myself!

storyvilleIn my former life working in the entertainment industry, I had the opportunity to work with The Band legend Robbie Robertson. My boss used to describe him as the original snake oil salesman. And she was right. He was charming, handsome – those hooded eyes – and talented. He was great fun to work with, because his name, his legacy – well it opened doors to just about every journalist on the planet. Easy. Really was more about picking and choosing the PR path to take. Thanks to Robbie, because Storyville was based around New Orleans, I got to to the Big Easy a number of times. AND I got to put together Rolling Stone and Robbie, with one of the top music journalist at the time, Robert Palmer. All magic.

But back to The Weight.  And takin’ it off. I promise myself never to abuse my health like this again. I promise myself to take care of my health, and not ever let it suffer, no matter how what life serves up, and throws my way.


Photo by Rezel Apacionado on Unsplash

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