Shape You’re In

Day 36.
“Well, my little girl really loves that wine.
Wine will do it to her most every time.
If it’s red or it’s white or it’s in between,
She can drink more wine than I’ve ever seen.
Now I’m not trying to get heavy with you.
I’ll mind my own business if you want me to.
But I love you girl, I don’t love no one else.
I’m just telling you baby ’cause I’ve been there myself.
I said hold on girl don’t get too tight,
You started early and we’ve got all night.
You’ve got to take it easy, take it slow.
We don’t want the whole world to know
About the shape you’re in.”
Songwriter: Eric Clapton
Pattie Boyd Harrison Clapton has had some huge hits written about her. “Something”, “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” at the top.
Talk about romantic. She was the real ‘it’ girl in her day. So adorable sixties chic. I would have loved to have someone write those kinds of songs about me.
How would I feel if someone I loved wrote “Shape You’re In” about me?? According to her autobiography, Clapton was quite abusive, a massive addict – and a cheater. From one article in the Express, “His behaviour led Pattie into her own battle with the bottle. Hardly surprising, then, that to this day she prefers to forget that song.” This was also Clapton on the other side of serious addictions – and now he was the one to tsk-tsk.
I do relate to the drink-wine-to-forget-unhappiness.
I was never called on my wine drinking. Doesn’t mean anything really. Maybe people were thinking it. I don’t know. I know wine suppressed my feelings. I also avoided emotional conversations once I started Wine O’Clock; perhaps that prevented everything coming to the surface sooner in my situation. On the wine drinking, not getting busted by others – I like to think it’s because I ‘wasn’t that bad’.
Imagine having a SONG written about your wine drinking. I’d want to sink out of sight. I’d consider that a serious wake-up call.



Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash

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