Of units and glass size

Day 32.



This is something I used to fool myself about. That I didn’t drink that much, a couple of glasses a night maybe.

But it was the SIZE of the glass. It’s also the shockingly small amount a unit is.

Also, those mini- bottles of wine? They’re actually a quarter of a wine bottle.

According to the guidance across Europe and the US, Men shouldn’t drink more than 17 standard drinks a week and women shouldn’t drink more than 11 standard drinks a week.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 13.28.16

100mil of wine is a unit — and is an itsy bitsy amount if you’re a drinker. Factor in if you’re used to the large wine glasses that are so popular these days; those mega glasses completely distort how much wine you’re having. Some of them are so big that you could be sipping away at a half bottle of wine no problem. And then double factor in if you have the hostess who refills so you don’t even know how much you’ve had.


there are generally 750ml in a bottle of wine – bout 7 glasses. I was having at least one bottle a night. That’s at least 49 units a week. Shocking to me even just reading this again. I was so over the recommended limit, just crazy.

Again, I was kidding myself.

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