An awful lot of coffee in Brazil

Day 28.

I adore Frank Sinatra … The Coffee Song was a quirky little number he recorded (“They’ve got an awful lot of coffee. Man, they got a gang of coffee in Brazil!!”) It’s always stuck in my head. Plus the cool way singers of that era used to improvise … kooky! That broad called Lady Luck!

I saw Frank in concert a couple of times in the 80s – he was a grumpy, but way-cool older statesman by then – and he still had his chops. Frank had a steady stream of drinks brought to him on stage. Not a soda pop or such – I mean real adult beverages. Probably Whiskey Sours or Bourbon on the rocks. He looked at one glass, and in that New Jersey tough guy accent said “There’s enough god damn ice in this glass to start an ice cream parlour”. My friend and I had a fit of giggles.

Beside getting a chance to talk about the Chairman of the Board, why do I bring all this up?

Coffee. My lovely coffee. Caffeine. #AlsoAnAddiction. I’m tackling one addiction already. I know I need to also review coffee consumption – I drink an awful lot of coffee.

Bottles of alcohol at night, pots of caffeine in the morning. A pretty classic alcho regime (with aspirin thrown).  Attempting to shake out the cobwebs from consistently drinking that bit too much every single night.

None of this is good for your health. You know the drill on alcohol. Coffee raises blood pressure. It raises cholesterol and triglycerides. Coffee messes with adrenal glands, creates stomach acid, causes intestinal problems, and dehydrates the heck out of your skin. Plus, if the beans are not organic, the pesticides are baked into the mix. Making coffee toxic as well.

I’m now 28 days into sobriety. Next up. Coffee sobriety.

I finished my last pot of coffee yesterday morning. And as I had identified a ritual with Wine O’Clock as a ritual, I now identify this pot of coffee as a morning ritual. I can change this. I have the power.

This morning I brewed a pot of organic black tea from one tea bag.

Other drinks I will try going forward; hot water with lemon, green tea, chai tea. The plan is to be completely caffeine free at 60 days sober.

P.S. Just realized I’m writing about a real boozer – Frank. The Rat Pack were so Las Vegas, all night-til-the-crack-of-dawn – eye-openers in the morning, one-for-the-road guys.

These old-style troubadours do get romantized a bit…. I also realized I have this view, formed in my literature classes – that real talent, well, they all seemed to drink. Artists, musicians, singers and authors…. Hemingway, Flynn, Picasso, Frank, Bukowski, on and on.

Did this help me romantize booze for myself???? Did I think it added to my creative flair?


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