Alcohol explained

Day 21.

3 weeks sober!

My app tells me that at 3 weeks sober “new neurons are now developing in your brain and supporting your cognitive functions.”

Bit sobering (pun intended) to realise how damaging alcohol is to cognitive functions.

I tried the Torres de-alcoholised red wine I mentioned yesterday. It wasn’t bad. As my friend said, you could tell it was missing something. No kick.

But I found it did the trick. I had a couple of glasses at my ‘traditional’ 5pm time, and it satisfied me. I’d have liked the real thing more — but this satisfied me because I wasn’t breaking my vow of sobriety, and yet it gave me the satisfaction of a cocktail.

Sitting there sipping, I realised that I missed a ritual. With alcohol involved, it was not a healthy ritual. With a healthy drink it can be a lovely ritual. A time to review the day, and to celebrate the evening ahead. To think about things I’d like to accomplish tomorrow.

I have decided I should just come up with a great drink, such as ginger ale with a twist of lemon or something, and just continue to make an occasion of 5pm… but with a clever beverage .. not an adult beverage.

I’m going to try these clever non-alcoholic adult beverages. And here are some recipes I’m going to try 

I want to recommend a terrific book now by William Porter, called Alcohol Explained.


Here’s my review from Amazon “I love William’s clinical yet sympathetic approach (he’s been there done that too). He takes the reader step-by-step through what exactly alcohol is, what that first drink does — and doesn’t do — to the drinker.

This book solidified my resolve to stop… without any hesitation. It gave me the ability to understand my relationship with booze and the intellectual approach to STOP. And the insight to understand the scientific part about how alcohol affects both the mind and body. I look forward to deep restful sleeps and the release from the chains of self-inflicted anxiety and fear that alcohol fuels. It’s an easy fairly short read … I will read it again soon.

Sure I have a journey ahead of me — but I love having the tools to explain what and why I am feeling. It helps me more easily get through each day and night. Alcohol free.

THANK YOU William. Thank you.”


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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