Bottle banks

Day 11.

Some honesty in this space today. Wincing honesty. Signs that my drinking had become a problem.

Sign #1 Bulk buying

I’d buy in bulk – six bottles at a time because the local store gave a discount for six – plus they were always running promotions. I was getting decent wine for a good price. Lots of it.

Sign #2 Hiding full bottles

I would have bottles stashed in my room. During the evening I’d dip into those so the bottle everyone else was drinking from wouldn’t empty as fast.

Sign #3 Stashing empty bottles

And then I realized I had empty bottles stashed around my house, in a dresser drawer, my home office cabinet – to hide the volume of wine I was consuming.

Sign #4 Visiting the bank bottles on the way to work

I’d bring a big bag of clinking stinking empty bottles to the bottle bank, so they wouldn’t show up in the recycling bin left on the curb side.

Oh, okay. I have a problem.



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