Seven Days Sober

Day 7.

Here I am … Day 7. Go me!

What do I notice that’s better or different? Starting this blog, and committing to keeping it going, it’s keeping a public – if anonymous –promise to myself to choose sobriety, health and an opportunity to gain back all that wine time to do other things. That’s a big deal! After a couple of personally tumultuous years, I feel glimmers of my Mojo rising.

According to my app, I’ve saved €120 so far and have avoided 80 glasses of wine (that’s standard size – not Wine O’Clock size). How about that?

Here’s a book I’d like to recommend to you. I read it awhile ago. Meredith Bell says let’s try just seven days sober. Observe how you feel at the end of those seven days. A nice snack-size, very doable approach to tackling your desire to change. Seven Days Sober: A Guide to Discovering What You Really Think About Your Drinking.

I particularly related to this book because, like Meredith, I too have had a career that’s involved lots of socializing and meeting people for a drink — or four. Though she actually worked in the wine industry – now that’s tough.

In flicking back through the book, I noticed I had highlighted this statement:

Daily drinking in any amount affects your ability to think and reason.

The Truth. Absolutely. Without question.

And that’s what I really feel at this very moment in Day 7. Thankful to be feeling the glimmers of clear headedness. Even this early into sobriety. I feel less anxious.

Such a great feeling.


Can I hear an amen!



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