There be dragons! Traveling sans booze

Day 5.


This is a BIG trigger for me. Especially when multiple time zones are involved. A few drinky winkys on the plane? Oh Yes! I mean it’s Five O’Clock everywhere when you’re up in the air. (Calories don’t count up there either.)

My background is in the entertainment industry. I’ve spent a huge amount of time over the years where the booze has run freely, and always draws a crowd: events, debuts, launches, PR. Even mini-fridges in the office. Then there’s the after-meetings drinks, on the flight back drinks, on the train drinks, at the after-after-party drinks. Something about being on the road signals to me ‘just say yes to drinking’ (well, I see that sign any way LOL).

During my recent longest sobriety of 36 days, I attended a conference and enjoyed the after-party with Mockjitos… they’re delicious! And I didn’t feel hard done by. And again, the joy of not waking up with a headache. Magic. I hadn’t visited the city where the event was hosted, so I spent the day as a tourist. Being clear eyed was a wonder and a joy. I booked a hop-on hop-off bus for an 8am start. Many of my colleagues who were heartily joining me the day before – not so clear eyed. I was so glad to not to be those people. Seeing a hangover sufferer from a different perspective is good for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

A big vacation coming up shortly. A far flung location in the far east that invites a relaxing view of life, sun, sand and surf — and a cocktail or 13.

small drinkSo buck up girl! You can do this.

Might even try an alcohol-free Beck’s Blue that Clare from The Sober Diaries recommended. Hey, perhaps they’ll even have alcohol-free wine at the bar. I had some when I was in California during an earlier two-week attempt at sobriety. It’s hard to find these wines, but worth seeking out. (I had picked them up at a Ralph’s). With a ‘fake wine’ in your hand, you feel an inconspicuous part of the party. No one notices you are drinking anything but the real 8-15% ethanol thing. Very cool.  (Pictured are a couple of tangy, zingy, delicious refreshing Mock-jitos. Here’s a recipe)

Credit for photo:; Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

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