There’s an app for that

Day 3.

What I found helpful over my last couple of attempts at sustained sobriety was installing and using a sobriety app. There are a number of them, including a couple of nice looking AA apps.

The one I have liked best is EasyQuit Drinking Sobriety Counter because it’s easy, inexpensive – and you can re-set your start date (ooops :-). Very sobering (punny I know) to see as it tallies how much you are saving on your booze bill. Shocking really. In a good way. It has a mini Candy Crush game to take your mind off your urges – apparently if you do not succumb to the urge for a drink for 3 minutes – you’re good. For that urge anyway. Plus, this app offers encouragement such as the health benefits you gain each day without alcohol. For example, after 3 days “many of your brain cells will start regenerating themselves. Anxiety and nausea symptoms are strong in this period.”

I think it is of huge value to get as much support as you can – in any format: offline, online, in a book —- so much support is out there!


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