It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere …

Day 2.

I’ve now accepted that my ‘social lubrication’ use of wine shifted to ‘self-medication’ over the last couple of years. In that time I’ve gone for stretches without – up to a month, but haven’t made it past that.

The most immediate thing I noticed each and every time I managed those sober stretches was the joy of waking up without a foggy head. I have always been an early riser – still am. The difference in even one or two days alcohol-free is noticeable. Easy to focus, make decisions. I look forward to enjoying that feeling each and every morning upon waking. Ready to take on the world!

It’s baby step days into my sobriety, but this I know for sure. Every single individual who I’ve read and followed talks about the buckets of energy they got back. (I’ll be sharing the books I’ve read, blogs I follow in future posts.) One of the reasons I chose to get this sobriety sorted is the opportunity to take back my energy levels and the time I used drinking. I have so much I want to do, see and accomplish in what’s left of my time on this planet. Alcohol steals time from you. And time is too precious. Losing my mother not too long ago drove that home.

Today I am thinking about triggers.

Being mindful as to what triggers me to pick up that glass, and weld it to my hand.

Trigger No. 1 Wine O’Clock time

That’s 5 O’Clock for me. Thankfully I’ve never found myself on Slippery Slope Mountain where I ever sipped an eye-opener in the morning, or even at lunch (except sometimes on vacation). But 5 O’clock has definitely been established in my mind as the time of day it is okay to start sipping. I’ll admit here that I’ve sometimes willed the big hand to land on 12 and the little hand on 5.

Awareness now raised.

On to ->

Trigger No. 2  Preparing dinner

I absolutely love love love to cook and make meals. I am a progressing vegan – moving from vegetarian into vegan – and then on into a WFPB diet (Whole Food Plant Based) diet, folding in a without SOS (Salt Oil Sugar) rule. I’ll write more about that later (If you want a sneak peak at what I’m talking about check out the Forks Over Knives movement).

Anyway, I find that I now associate Five O’Clock as Wine O’Clock. Glass meet bottle. As I pick the recipes, prepare the meal, happily chopping, sautéing, Magi-mixing, baking. Clink, clink. Relax. Chill. And before you know it — into the next bottle. All too easy.

As of today I am going to strive to prepare meals in the morning. I do have the luxury of this because of my work schedule. But batch cooking on the weekends is an easy way to have things ready during the week.

Indulge me here – I’d like to start sharing what I’ve prepped for your viewing pleasure.

Christmas. Delicious! I’ve linked to the recipes: Roast Wellington with Lentils, Mushrooms & Chestnuts, with gravy, Lemony Rosemary potatoes, and peas (no recipe – just frozen peas cooked to al dente). (Yes, I know there’s a bottle of wine on the table – it was pre-2018, plus there were guests who are ‘normal’ drinkers.)


I’ll write up more triggers in another post. I find identifying them and changing a pattern or behavior really helps not succumb to Wine O’Clock.


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